Hi Tal!


First of all, explain to those who do not know you (like myself) – who are you: a Social Media expert, a Facebook Fairy – as once defined, a mermaid, businesswoman, flower child? It seems like you combine all these together…

“Why are definitions so important? Come on! ‘Tal Navarro’ is good enough, isn’t it?”

I understand you are originally from Haifa, aren’t you? Respect!

“I am originally from the Krayot and my mother lived in Haifa for many years”.

I was told that after living in the Kerayot you lived many years abroad. Where were you, what did you do and how did you start doing what you do today?

“Well, I’ll try to make a long story short, and that’s not an easy task… After almost three years as an IDF officer I moved to New York for a few years. I then left to a long trip to India, came back to New York, moved to the Caribbean, and then we moved to Florida, where I lived till my mom got sick. I came back two year ago, when she passed away.

During my years abroad I’ve established an online marketing business with my ex, mainly for surfing equipment (I myself am a kite surfer). When the social media started to grow, I started giving services in that field. When I came back to Israel, I had the honor to start the Social Media Department in a leading advertising agency (Adler Homsky) and when I quit after a year, I founded the Social Media College”.

So Navarro, just to make it clear – what are you doing in that college?

“In the college I teach classes, workshops and give lectures about social media, as well as private lessons to CEOs, senior staff and owners who want to know more and promote their business digitally”

So what exactly do you teach?

“I teach about the various Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube – how to use, who to promote, how to read and analyze statistic information and so on. I take my students hand in hand for an effective use of these platforms.

Don’t you think Facebook is just a temporal trend?

“Listen, I know some say it is a temporal thing, as well as Twitter or LinkedIn. Truth is the age of social media has just begun. To my opinion, Facebook is here to stay! It may undergo various changes along the way, but this is a positive evolvement. At the same time, many new social networks continue to grow. In fact, cyber world has become such a big part of our lives, and this is not going to change any time soon”.

How did it happen to us?

“People’s behavior patterns have changed. The way we consume our information, news, entertainments, connections, everything can be done on these platforms quickly and easily. Over the internet there are no boundaries like time, geographic distances and costs. It allows us to easily interact with other people and reach potential clients faster and in better quality. As time passes, new tools bring better exposure which increases the sales online”.

I think I will definitely need one of your courses. Where can I possibly find you?

“Just look me up on Facebook: Tal Navarro, or log on to my website talnavarro.co.il and contact me!”

Wow, Tal, thank for your time!

“No, thank you!”

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